Camera for Windows 8 6.2.8

Free camera software that works as a simple alternative

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8

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Camera for Windows 8 6.2.8
Camera for Windows 8 2014

Since we saw the camera made for the Windows 10, we've seen iterations for it with the Windows camera software. However, this isn't the same software that you might acquire with the Windows 10, which is a little different. Instead, it works like the alternative to what you have with your current software. You might try this camera if you're sick of what you get with the Windows 10.

Free Software Developed by Microsoft

Not created as state-of-the-art technology, but it does work as a rudimentary camera program. Ever wished how you could take a picture from the webcam or with video? You can do that now with the Windows 8 camera. You might also make use out of this software if you have an Xbox One used on the PC. The other two areas where it makes sense includes for the tablet and the Windows phone. Each function will have a symbol that is self explanatory on what you should do next. To give an example, the torch means flash or to turn the flash off. You might also hit the arrow to stand for the image orientation. The icons also remain self-explanatory, and they help to make the software feel more intuitive.

Capture Video and Snap Pictures

You can now take video as well as photo images if you want with this new system. It was one of the most recent updates, and if you use the web camera or the devices, you have the web camera and you might also use the software instead of the pre-loaded software for the device. We have to keep in mind how this isn't necessarily sophisticated software, but it's still decent enough to get the job done as needed. When we took a look at it, we have a basic and effective program that accomplishes the goals that it sets out to achieve.

The Shortcut

The Windows 8 camera app can be used to either record videos or snap pictures. While the interface remains quite simple, the advantage of this is how it's easy to set it back up. Before you begin the camera app, you will first have to install the webcam, and click on the camera tile. You tap it and it will come to you.

As you might notice, there's nothing to set with this camera. That's one of the biggest advantages of using it is how you don't have to do much to get it work. You simply turn it on and snap some pictures. You should, however, set the privacy statements and set the permissions for what websites will have access to the microphone and webcam. In general, this is a worthwhile app to download and try out especially if you're tired of your old software for the camera.


  • Record videos and snap pictures as the need arises.
  • The interface remains overly simplistic.
  • No need set the configurations.


  • Overly simplistic and not enough advanced features.

The Camera for Windows 8 is the camera that works through the webcam on your laptop or personal computer. The camera can be an external or internal unit and work with the Windows 8 Camera program. You can do much more with your computer when you can take pictures with it.

The Pros

  • The Windows 8 Camera is perfect for taking pictures when you are at the computer. Pictures of yourself at the computer are often what you need when you are working.
  • The camera can run consistently when you are playing video games on your computer. Having a visual of you during game play is often helpful to people who are playing the games with you.
  • When you take pictures with the camera, you can edit the pictures to make sure that you get the best quality picture when you are done.
  • The camera can be turned on and off easily with the stroke of a key. The same is true when taking pictures. You can take pictures simply without fiddling with the computer.
  • Camera features include naming your pictures after they are taken and saving them to a special folder.

The Cons

  • The Camera for Windows 8 is a program that takes up considerable memory on your computer. You may not have the space on your hard drive to download it. Make sure your hard drive is clean before proceeding.
  • The Camera cannot edit every image you take. Some images cannot be fixed after they are taken, and the program does not have all the editing features of a specialized editing program.
  • Using the camera can burn your battery quickly. You need to make sure your computer is plugged in if you plan on playing video games with the camera on for long periods of time.

The Camera for Windows 8 is a great program for people who need to take pictures or video of themselves. However, you need to make sure you are prepared for the battery and memory drain on your computer.

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